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We promise that we will give you an honest dollar's work for every 90 cents you pay! We will treat your business, and you, with the utmost respect and dignity. We will never sell, trade or give your personal information to anyone.

When you hire Clearwater Web Solutions to work for you, our staff of dedicated professionals will work hard, listen to your input and represent your firm honestly and aggressively. There is nothing that we do that you could not do for yourself! We just believe that your time is valuable and that spending hundreds of hours learning by studying, researching and old-fashioned trial and error (sometimes at great expense) might not be the way you want to go.

We are not snake-oil salesmen, wizards or magicians. We will not spam or use page cloaking or stealth technology, which can easily backfire and get your site banned. We cannot and will not promise you overnight results. We do promise solid work, great attitudes and experience.

Results may vary. Success in ANY business is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees of income, search engine ranking, or web site traffic are made when purchasing web site development services.

We will work with you to accomplish your goals. You have my word on it,

Johnny Samsky, Owner