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These are businesses or services that I find highly valuable and cost effective. They practice business in a professional manner and customer service is first-class.

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Here is an excellent and time saving piece of software I use every day. RoboForm is a password manager and web form filler at the core. It saves any passwords you want and attaches to most browsers. When you get to a login page, you hit one button and your informatin is filled in!

It can also save profiles. For example, if you go to fill out a webform, once again you click your Profile name, and it fills in all recognized information, name, address, age, etc. You can set up multiple profiles for say your business address/information, or Personal information.

You can get a desktop or Portable USB version, or even save your passwords online, for access anywhere! A few other nifty features include, password generator, Master Password to protect all others, and a Notes feature.

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Newegg is first class in Customer Service, as well as product stock. I have used them many times for multiple projects. They have one of the most complete inventories of computer hardware, electronics, PCs/Laptops, and software. Just about anything you need for a pc can be found here, at the best price in most cases. Shipping is generally cheap or free on most items, making the deals even better.

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